Best New Luxury Yachts Coming January 2021

Best New Luxury Yachts Coming January 2021

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Discover the Best New Luxury Yachts, Coming January 2021


Exclusively available for sale in Eastern Canada through Executive Yacht, these four new 2021 models are specifically built for the North American market and are expected within January 2021!

Despite the challenges imposed by the global pandemic, leading Italian yacht and superyacht builders including, Riva, Pershing, Ferretti Yachts, and Custom Line managed, against all odds, to continue production under very strict hygiene and safety protocols, and, as a result, stay on-schedule of a very ambitious delivery plan.

The dawn of the New Year will bring four new exciting yacht arrivals to North America, as the 2021 Riva Dolceriva 48, Ferretti Yachts 500, Pershing 7X, and Ferretti Yachts 920 have all completed production in Italy, and are becoming available for sale to American and Canadian yacht enthusiasts.

While these highly anticipated models are scheduled to be shipped to the Ferretti Group state-of-the-art facility in Fort Lauderdale Florida, there is a significant advantage for Canadian owners to import the yacht duty-free in Canada, if shipped directly from Italy. To find out how to take advantage of this very narrow window of opportunity that provides a significant 9.5% in duty savings, please contact our sales experts today at 1.888.237.1647 or


Riva Dolceriva 48 #08

First revealed in North America during the Miami Yacht Show last February, the new Dolceriva guides a new style direction for Riva yachts, without deviating from the signature Riva details that we love: the iconic glossy mahogany, the all-time classic blue pinstripe just above the waterline, the soft natural leathers, the handcrafted finishes. Currently available for sale, the 8th unit of the Riva Dolceriva series has just completed production and is expected to arrive in North America by end of January 2021.


Ferretti Yachts 500 #02

One of the most sought-after launches of 2020, the new Ferretti Yachts 500 made head turns during its official premiere in Monaco last September. Designed to replace the previous 45-feet  entry-level model of the fleet, the new Ferretti Yachts 500 users in a new era for the legendary shipyard.

Timeless, astonishingly comfortable, and personalizable inside with two alternative interior-design mood boards, she combines nautical adventure with a domestic dimension in terms of spaces and comfort, that you’d normally expect only on a rather larger craft. The result is a family ambiance that immerses owners and guests in a sensation of total well-being. The Executive Yacht team had the opportunity to step aboard the very first hull during the Ferretti Group Private Preview in Monaco in September 2020, while the second unit of the series, built on North American specs, is also expected to arrive within January 2021.


Pershing 7X #06

Although the new Pershing 7X made her debut last February at the Dusseldorf boat show, it was not until September 2020 that boat lovers from all over the world admired her for the first time in the water in Monaco.

The new 7X may be nearly 70ft long and displace 42 tonnes, but it’s still a powerhouse that is reputedly capable of riding the waves at 50 knots. Although similar in size and concept to the Pershing 70, the new 7X is a significantly different yacht, especially in its construction, which uses much lighter materials, including more lightweight carbon fiber. As of January 2021, Pershing 7X will be available to North American adrenaline-seekers for exciting sea-trials in Fort Lauderdale.


Ferretti Yachts 920 #18

With new hull geometries, a new wide-body superstructure, a modular layout, and a submersible platform, the Ferretti Yachts 920 introduces an entirely new layout concept of the main and lower decks, to providing owners and guests with maximum comfort and an immersive, relaxing experience. Meanwhile, the hull is just under 24 meters, so it can still be registered as a recreational craft.

This brand new 2021 Ferretti Yachts 920 model, also available for sale in North America as of January 2021, will be the 18th unit produced by the shipyard — a solid proof of its immense success among the most discerning yacht owners worldwide.


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