Reaching New Horizons Since 1968

Ferretti Yachts embodies the most authentic Italian nautical tradition, featuring innovative choices, the highest quality production, and technological know-how.  Ferretti Yachts has been the leader in its industry since 1968, currently covering the flybridge sector with planing vessels from 50 to 100 feet which are objects of desire for yacht owners all over the world.


For Ferretti Yachts, designing a vessel is always a brand new challenge to produce a truly unique masterpiece thatt blends of performance, comfort, and style with unrivaled seagoing qualities.


This is why Ferreti Yachts places a great emphasis on meaningful collaborations; Not only do its engineers, technicians, architects, and designers share the same goals, but also a constant dialogue takes place between the Ferretti Group’s Product Strategy Committee, its Engineering Department and the celebrated independent designers who work closely with Ferretti Yachts.

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