Seabob – F5S

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The craft has a highly sporty character and stands out in terms of its extraordinary dynamism. Its sporty appearance is emphasised by elements in a matt chrome design. The SEABOB F5 S is at home in the sea. Its high degree of manoeuvrability also makes it ideally suited for use in larger pool complexes.

Irrepressible and Intense



Shell                             Hard-integral plastic technology 

Motor                          Performance up to 4.0 kW 

Drive                            Maximum thrust up to 680 N 

Speed                           Depending on conditions over water up to 20 km/h 

                                         Depending on conditions under water up to 18 km/h 

Motor control         Electronic speed control in 6 power levels between 0 % and    

                                         100 % via Piezo buttons 

Energy                         High-Energy Lithium-Ion accumulators, total capacity

                                         approx. 1.8 kWh; 48 V; 38 Ah

Operating time       Average 60 min 

Charging time         Standard charging approx. 8h 

                                         Quick charging approx. 1.5h 

Steering                      By simply shifting body weight (left – right, down – up)

Stopping                     Switching the drive off causes the water resistance to stop the

                                         SEABOB within an extremely short distance 

Diving depth            Safety cut-off can be set to a depth up to 40 m (131 ft)

Dimensions              L x W x H (in mm) 1,152 x 507 x 372 

Weight                        35 kg (approx.)

Buoyancy                 10 kg (approx.)

Special equipment  & Extras

  • Securing device for Pilot belt system 
  • Elements in a matt chrome design 

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