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North America Yacht Charters


North America yacht charters offer a variety of unique activities. From the calm, untouched coast of Alaska to the vibrant atmosphere of Florida, our charters offer a blend of gorgeous landscapes and exciting vacation destinations. Whether you prefer rugged adventures away from civilization or relaxing days of sunbathing on the deck, North America has something to satisfy your travel cravings.


Traveling the vast Alaskan coastline is the adventure of a lifetime for those who can handle the chilly air and virtual solitude. With miles of coastline free of development, you can bask in the natural beauty of one of North America’s last untouched locales. The wealth of trees in the foreground contrast the mighty, snow-covered mountains in the distance. For photographers and travelers fascinated with stunning views, Alaska is the perfect destination.

New England

Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city with a relaxing trip down New England’s coastline. Contrasting spectacular city views with with quaint fishing towns, the New England area is a favourite destination for yachting enthusiasts. The region offers some of the most fresh and delicious seafood dishes in North America. It is no surprise that New England plays host to the Americas Cup — a prestigious racing event that celebrates super-yachting and sailing.


Stunning beaches, magnificent city views, and tropical temperatures are just a few of the perks of chartering a yacht down the Florida coastline. With a vibrant nightlife and rich Cuban influence, Florida is a premier destination for anyone who loves to eat, drink, and dance. The wealth of water sports available in the area are perfect for those who love to try new things and keep busy on their vacation. Just a short jaunt inland, the Everglades offer the opportunity to see a variety of animals in their  natural habitat.

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