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West Mediterranean Yacht Charters


Our Western Mediterranean yacht charters let you enjoy everything the area has to offer. The region is home to gorgeous swimming, diving, hiking spots that will excite any outdoor enthusiast. It also boasts some of the most charming, authentic restaurants in the world. Whether you have a passion for the outdoors or you simply love to try exotic food, this area has something for you.


Our French charters offer a chiselled tapestry of rocky coastline complemented by cascading beaches of polished stones. From glamorous beachside resorts to charming, historic villages, our French charters offer something for every kind of traveler. For food-lovers and nature-fanatics alike, the French Riviera boasts incredible sights and delicious food and wine. Regardless of your personal interests, our charters in France will captivate you throughout your entire journey.


An island of dazzling sights, vibrant colours, and unmatched culture, Corsica is largely unspoiled by modern development, compared to the rest of the region. Famous for its gourmet wine, cheese, and other delectable dishes, the island is a food-lover’s delight. The beautiful white-sand coastlines contrast the jagged, mountainous peaks, offering something for every kind of adventure-enthusiast. From hiking and diving to relaxing on the beach in complete solitude, Corsica is a piece of paradise right in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.


Marked by several of the world’s most famous coastal towns including the Amalfi Coast, charters around Italy are a one-of-a-kind experience for travelers of all kinds. The gorgeous, picturesque coastline showcases entire towns that have been built into the cliffs, making for some of the best hiking and diving in the Mediterranean Sea. The surrounding region is a hotspot for local cuisine, fine wine, vibrant culture, and everything else a nature-lover needs to make lifelong memories on their vacation.

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