OCEANCO NXT: Sustainable Superyachts for Future Generations

OCEANCO NXT: Sustainable Superyachts for Future Generations

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Sustainable Superyachts for Future Generations


At the dawn of a new decade, Oceanco makes a commitment to the future through a pioneering collaborative initiative, Oceanco NXT.

This October, Oceanco, a world-class builder of some of the finest custom superyachts, introduced an important and ambitious environmental initiative, OCEANCO NXT.

Sharing one goal, to create the most exciting superyachts for future generations with zero environmental impact, Oceanco NXT brings together new perspectives and responds to future demands of the new, younger demographic by reflecting across industries in an ever-changing landscape.

Oceanco NXT is much more than a project. It is a movement committed to addressing the most pressing and challenging questions that the yachting industry faces today. Engaging a cohort of experts from the yachting, technology and design worlds, Oceanco’s new initiative is envisioned to marry innovation and sustainability in an authentic, meaningful and collaborative manner that will transform the way we spend time on superyachts.

“Oceanco NXT represents our commitment and fundamental belief that the best way to set new benchmarks is to co-create them with experts from a wide array of industries – not just yachting. In creating Oceanco NXT, we seek partners who share a common ambition to innovate and forge a sustainable pathway for tomorrow’s yachts. We are invested in an outcome where the future is zero.” comments Marcel Onkenhout, CEO of Oceanco.

The Future is Zero. The Future is Now.

Over recent years, attempts to jump on a “sustainable” bandwagon have led to the term becoming overused, detracting from its impact and value. Small steps to incrementally reduce environmental impact are somewhat positive but tougher, fundamental questions must be asked in order to make progress in any impactful way.

It takes not only a visionary yacht builder but also nonconformist owners to forge such new pathways in the industry. The 109m M/Y Bravo Eugenia, debuted in 2018, features extended length while using an optimized hybrid propulsion system to improve fuel efficiency by 30% and minimize space allocated to technical equipment, through a single level engine room. The recently delivered 106.7m S/Y Black Pearl is the world’s largest, most ecological sailing yacht. These are only a few examples of how Oceanco has been challenging the status quo since its inception – setting the benchmark in terms of establishing new trends in superyacht construction.

Right above, Oceano’s S/Y Black Pearl. Featured Image, M/Y Bravo Eugenia. Images courtesy of Oceanco.

However, Oceanco NXT delves deeper and broader than simply reducing the burning of fossil fuels to propel and operate the yacht; it considers how yacht owners can experience life on the water in the future, in the most sustainable, enjoyable and rewarding ways possible.

Oceanco NXT kicked off with a round table conversation that took place online on 20 October 2020, featuring highly respected cross-industry leaders, including Oceanco CEO Marcel Okenhout, world-renowned designer Giles Taylor, celebrated interior designers Sanne Schenk and Tom Kleerekoper (TANK), Brand Strategist Peter Economides, Managing Director of Lateral Naval Architects James Roy and S/Y Black Pearl Captain Chris Gartner.

“From Giles Taylor’s understanding of superyacht owners’ lifestyle needs and Lateral’s technical innovations towards achieving zero emissions to TANK’s contemporary vision for the use of our living spaces and Oceanco’s collaboration vision with Co-Makers, we invite you to our unified goal: to create the most exciting superyachts we can, for future generations. Through Oceanco NXT, tomorrow can start today ”, added Marcel Okenhout.

You can view the full kick-off event below. (Click on “Skip to Video”).

Oceanco NXT reunites cross-industry experts to discuss our collaboration vision of creating the most exciting superyachts imaginable for future generations.