Rolls-Royce and Ferretti Group together for sustainability

Rolls-Royce and Ferretti Group together for sustainability

At the recent Cannes Yachting Festival, Rolls-Royce Power Systems and the Ferretti Group announced that they will be collaborating on a new sustainable solution with the installation of the MTU hybrid propulsion system in an upcoming Custom Line 106.

The hybrid propulsion system, first introduced to the luxury yachting industry in 2019, combines the MTU diesel engines with electric propulsion modules, and batteries among other electrical components that dramatically improve the yachts efficiency and reduce emissions and operating costs.

In addition to the new hybrid system, the Custom Line 106 will also feature an SCR system.(Selective Catalytic Reduction) This system that injects a diesel exhaust fluid, traditionally anhydrous ammonia, into the yachts exhaust to reduce the nitrous oxide emissions.

All of the above systems are easily controlled with Rolls Royce’s integrated bridge system, “SmartBridge”, that provide a single point of access to all information for control, monitoring and navigation of the vessel.

Moreover, all MTU engines for Ferretti Yachts will also feature MTU-Go solutions enabling the yacht operator to “monitor the engines remotely themselves or leave this to the MTU Customer Care Centre.”