SEABOB — The Ultimate Water Fun Gadget For 2021

SEABOB — The Ultimate Water Fun Gadget For 2021

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All You Need to Know About SEABOB


Unleash your inner child. Or you inner James Bond. Or Both.

Produced by Germany-based company CAYAGO AG, after several years of research and development, SEABOB is the world’s leading luxury underwater scooter. Since 2016, Executive Yacht has been proudly the authorized Seabob dealer for Canada, delivering your favorite performance sea toy, wherever you are in the seven seas: From the Great Lakes and the Mediterranean in the summer to the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean in the Winter season.

Here is all you need to know about this battery-powered jewel that can take you for an unforgettable ride on and beneath the water, at speeds of up to 22km/h.


The SEABOB Models


The lightweight fun-capsule

With a weight of 65 lbs, the SEABOB F5 is the lightest model of the F5 series. It stands out thanks to its exceptional handling features – both in and out of the water. Enabled by its innovative motor technology, based on the E-Jet Power System, the SEABOB F5 has very powerful propulsion. This combination of the high-thrust electric motor and the lightweight hull derives a particularly low power-to-weight ratio.

Whether you’re up for a long underwater dive, or a rigorous overwater trip in the sea or the pool, the SEABOB F5 has just the right features for you. The driving system offers 4 different power levels, allowing for a relaxed drive in the low-speed range, or an exciting speedy ride in the higher power levels. The 480 Newton thrust can be controlled intuitively, making fast-turning or diving maneuvers very easy to execute.

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The high-performance watercraft

The SEABOB F5 S is the powerhouse of the series. The SEABOB F5 S for sale has 200 Newton more thrust, than the SEABOB F5. Powered with unique dynamics and 5 different power levels, it is the ultimate water toy for sporty trips on the sea.  Several elegant elements in a matt chrome design add to its dashing character! Thanks to its further battery capacity, the F5 S provides longer-lasting driving excitement even at higher speeds levels. After all, the SEABOB F5 S for sale is designed for full performance. The model can be upgraded with a chrome package or the very popular SEABOB Cam, for an unforgettable diving experience.

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The Flagship Model

The SEABOB F5 SR is the Flagship model across the F5 series. With its 745 Newton of thrust, it offers augmented acceleration and reaches a maximum speed of 22km/h – the of all SEABOB models. Thanks to the two rear fins, the agility of the SEABOB F5 SR has been further upgraded, even at top speeds! SEABOB’s most exciting features are already included in the SEABOB F5 SR standard equipment: SEABOB Cam, chrome package, and special colors — the F5 SR has it all in terms of driving experience and design!  This perfect blend of performance and design makes the SEABOB F5 SR the ultimate ambassador of the SEABOB brand promise High- performance technology, like no other vehicle.

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The SEABOB Accessories

Real Fun Is Hidding in The Details

1.  Quick Charger

Charging at no time

The Quick Charger was specially produced to reduce significantly the charging time of your SEABOB, providing more driving time to enjoy a limitless experience. While the Standard Charger fully charges a Seabob in about 8 hours, the Quick Charger only needs up to 120 minutes.

2.  SEABOB Camera

Capturing unique experiences

Every SEABOB can be equipped with an integrated camera technology upon request.  A full-HD camera is placed on the watercraft‘s bow, while another full-HD camera is installed on the information display. This Action-Selfie Cam is activated simply by touching a sensor. All recordings are automatically stored in the SEABOB on-board system and can be transferred to any smartphone or other alternative storage media with WLAN technology.

3.  SEABOB Cart

For easy transport

The SEABOB Cart makes possible hassle-free transportation over longer distances. The structure is made of high-strength, powder-coated aluminium, while the wheel axles feature seawater-resistant stainless steel. Both wheels are fitted with robust PUR tires, that can be even taken to rugged or sandy surfaces. Two Velcro fasteners on the sides of the cart provide additional support. Both wheels and handlebar can be easily dismantled to store the cart in a space-saving way, when not in use.

4.  SEABOB Bag

For even easier transport

The SEABOB waterproof bag is made of a high-quality polyester mix and provides enough flexibility to easily adjust to the shape and size of any SEABOB model that can be quickly and safely packed. The enduring outer material is very resistant to scratches and is easy to clean. With two carrying handles on the sides of the bag, the SEABOB Bag also protects your unit effectively against dirt and dust when the SEABOB is not in use, for longer periods.

5.  SEABOB Rack

The secure wall or floor mount

Made of 4 mm thick brushed stainless steel, the SEABOB Rack is not only elegant looking but also extremely robust and stable. The upward-curved retaining claws fit perfectly into the lower shell of every SEABOB jet and guarantee a secure hold. The sturdy side brackets also allow you to secure a SEABOB with velcro fasteners.

With 8 screw holes in total, one can easily attach the SEABOB Rack securely to a wall or a floor element. Thanks to the seawater-resistant stainless steel, the SEABOB Rack can also be permanently installed on your yacht or boat.

6.  SEABOB Weights

For professional diving adventures

Every SEABOB has positive buoyancy, meaning that a SEABOB stays afloat at the water surface, without sinking. If you wish to go on longer dives, SEABOB’s special diving weights offer a professional solution for neutral balancing. This way, it saves power and oxygen, especially on longer underwater rides, as the SEABOB can be steered effortlessly down to depth.

The weights can quickly and easily attach to the handles of any SEABOB with two locks. Coated with a special stainless steel alloy, the diving weights are suitable for frequent use in salty water.

7.  Pilot Belt System

Extra stability at top speeds

With its high-performance propulsion system, SEABOB is the synonym of power and strength in the water. The Pilot Belt System has been specifically designed for sporty cruising at top speeds. By taking advantage of this innovative belt system, the rider turns the tremendous thrust into a rigorous riding experience and leverages even greater agility in the water.

The soft padding ensures a comfortable fit, which can be adjusted by two side fasteners. The length of the connecting strap to the SEABOB can also be easily adjusted, while the belting system can be released in seconds thanks to an integrated click mechanism. The pilot belt system can greatly benefit your diving. The stable connection to the SEABOB allows you to maintain equal pressure and perform diving gestures without switching your body position.

Whether you are cruising, zipping through the water, or diving, discover the awe-inspiring maneuverability and the newly-found desire for water aboard a SEABOB scooter for sale.  The SEABOB does not require a driving license, and their electrical drive makes them completely emission-free, with zero impact on the environment. For more information on availability, pricing, and delivery, please contact the Executive Yacht team at, or 1.888.237.1647, or fill in the form below.



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