Second Riva 50 Metri superyacht M/Y FIFTY debuts in the water

Second Riva 50 Metri superyacht M/Y FIFTY debuts in the water

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Second Riva 50 Metri superyacht M/Y FIFTY debuts in the water


The Riva flagship hit the water during a private launch ceremony at the Riva Superyachts Division shipyard in Ancona on 8 March 2021. Bestowing more beauty to the sea and the marine world, the magnificent new Riva 50 Metri M/Y “Fifty” rides the waves since yesterday, ready to captivate everyone who sets eyes on her.

Riva’s flagship 49.9-meter-long yacht, built at the Group’s dedicated superyacht shipyard in Ancona Italy, has been the great dream of the genius of Carlo Riva, inspired by the celebrated “Caravelle” and “Atlantic” series motor yachts of the 1960s and 70s.

With a maximum beam of nine meters, M/Y “Fifty” was developed by the Riva Superyacht Division to offer an outstanding cruising experience defined by comfort, attention to detail, and an ever-evolving vision of life at sea — all the values that have made Riva a legendary brand in international yachting for the last 179 years.

Riva 50 Metri interprets Riva’s classic stylistic and aesthetic hallmarks with elevated sophistication: The hull color impresses in a wonderful blue-tinged shark grey. The exteriors feature signature style elements and materials – mahogany, steel, and glass that tell an unparalleled story of elegance.

“Riva M/Y ‘Fifty’ is the demonstration that we Italians know how to imagine and realize masterpieces like no one else in the world. And at this difficult time, my thanks go to everyone whose skills and efforts have helped build this magnificent ship.” – said Ferretti Group CEO Alberto Galassi. – “Once upon a time, the expression ‘written on water’ was used to describe actions that have a fleeting impact. But what we have written on the water today in Ancona is another unforgettable and glorious page in Riva’s history. My recommendation for those in search of great emotions is to take a look at this new Riva and the breathtaking way she shines with style, legend, and innovation, all thanks to the talent and expertise of the workers involved.”

A masterpiece of style, Riva 50 Metri is the result of the collaboration between Officina Italiana Design, the firm founded by Mauro Micheli and Sergio Beretta and the exclusive designer of all Riva models, and the team created to develop Riva’s new superyachts with the Product Strategy Committee led by Mr. Piero Ferrari. A third hull of the flagship Riva 50 Metri is currently under construction.

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