Unveiled: Wally WHY200

Unveiled: Wally WHY200

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Ferretti Group Unveils Wally WHY200


Wally Yachts, which has been part of Ferretti Group since 2019, has just unveiled its latest concept, Wally WHY200, set to debut in Monaco next September.

Wally’s exciting new WHY200 is the latest motor yacht to come from the visionary team headed by chief designer Luca Bassani of the renowned Monegasque brand and Ferretti Group’s Engineering Department,  along with naval architects of  Laurent Giles NA and interior designers by A. Vallicelli & C Studio.

Wally’s futuristic-looking 89-feet-long WHY200 is a cool new “space” ship in more ways than just one. Providing a ground-breaking owner’s suite in the bow and delivering up to 50% more living spaces than traditional yachts of its length, it offers the room of a superyacht.

Creating some of the world’s most revolutionary yachts during the past 25 years, Wally has now turned its attention to the compact superyacht market, manifested in the new WHY200. Although it measures 200 gross tons and can be registered under 24 meters (78’8”) load line length, Wally WHY200 conveys the comfort and space of a much larger displacement yacht alongside the speed advantages of a semi-displacement yacht.

“More than ever before, we are finding less time to gather with our loved ones, so when we are able to get together it needs to be special for everyone, no matter what their age or interests. Through the WHY200, we are challenging preconceived notions of what a yacht should be and how it can be used. It is a platform that can be enjoyed by the whole family or groups of friends, without compromise,”  commented Stefano de Vivo, Wally Managing Director. 

«In keeping the yacht registration under 24meters (78’ 8”) load line we have been able to optimize the costs of running and berthing, while still providing the space and volume benefits of a much larger vessel thanks to its innovative full-wide-body design”, he added.


The space originally reserved for exterior walkways has been incorporated into a full-beam salon creating an expansive area that benefits from a structural central carbon fiber staircase, connecting the accommodation on the lower deck with the upper deck’s stunning glass-encased sky lounge. 

Wally WHY200 provides more than 2,153 square feet of indoor living space, including a 237 square feet upper deck interior and a 1,076 square feet main deck interior. The lower deck has a typical footprint for the yacht’s length, given over to three or four double guest cabins (depending on the choice of layout option), but the crew and service quarters have the largest capacity for the class, with the galley and three cabins for up to five crew members spread over 344 square feet.

With regards to the owner’s suite Luca Bassani, Wally founder and Chief Designer, commented: “Providing owners with an elevated experience on board has always been central to our mission at Wally. We have had a longstanding vision to create a wrap-around main deck in glass that would provide so many lifestyle benefits to the owner and now finally the technology has made this possible…It has allowed us to create a sensational and unprecedented 398 square feet owner’s suite at the bow, which takes the onboard experience to a whole new level.”


Recognizing a change in owner preferences to reduce exposure while enjoying the outdoor environment, Wally has provided ample protection from the sun, wind, and rain across its 1,550 square feet) of exterior decks. 

Of course, fun in and on the water is a key attraction to the yachting lifestyle, and the WHY200 brings this in abundance. Fold-out wings expand the beach club area to the kind of magnitude seen on a superyacht, spanning  344 square feet with access to the sea on three sides, creating a whole new level of enjoyment at the waterline. With not one but two concealed garages, there is unprecedented storage capacity for the yacht’s size category, ingeniously stowing a four-meter tender and numerous watertoys.


As today’s fast-paced schedules afford us less time for extended trips, the speeds offered by conventional full-displacement yachts can restrict cruising plans. At the other end of the spectrum, many owners of planing yachts reject the concept of cruising at eye-watering speeds of 30 knots, both from an environmental and economic perspective. What’s more, high-speed planing yachts customarily require a compromise on living space to reduce their weight.

The WHY200 is the first Wally Hybrid Yacht: optimized for both full and semi-displacement cruising, it sits perfectly between the voluminous but slower full displacement yachts and the restricted but rapid planing yachts. Combining advanced naval architecture and an adaptive multi-propulsion system, the WHY200 has been designed to cruise at an impressive 20 knots in hyper displacement mode, providing more time to explore further afield and to reduce duration underway between anchorages or trips into port. And when speed is less important than efficiency, for example during relocations made by the crew, the yacht also performs economically in long-range displacement mode.


In terms of naval architecture and engineering, the WHY200 meets all the expectations that come with the respected Wally name. Statistically, guests spend more time on yachts when they are at anchor than underway, so a roll-free at-anchor experience is essential for comfort on board; with its stable, beamy hull complemented by both fin and gyroscopic stabilizers, the WHY200 is as steady as they come.

“We always strive to push the limits of what is possible in yachting, and in doing so look to pave the way for the next 20 years. Designing the WHY200 has been a genuinely exciting process. We took a step back and asked ourselves why owners of yachts in this size bracket love spending time on their vessels, and how this could be improved. Space and time are two of the most important factors on everyone’s wish list, and I believe we have delivered these in abundance on the WHY200”, concluded De Vivo.

The New Wally WHY200 is available for sale in Canada through Executive Yacht. For more information please submit the contact form below.


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